Posted: May 10th, 2022

C++ , temperature converter write a program that takes in three


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Temperature Converter Write a program that takes in three arguments, a start temperature (in Celsius), an end temperature (in Celsius) and a step size. Print out a table that goes from the start temperature to the end temperature, in steps of the step size; you do not actually need to print the final end temperature if the step size does not exactly match. Also print the converted Fahrenheit value in front of the Celsius value (Formula for Celcius to Farenheit conversion is: Fahrenheit_value = 1.8 x Celcius_Value + 32)

Example Please give in a lower limit, the limit >= 0: 10 Please give in an upper limit, 10 > limit <= 50000: 20 Please give a step size, 0 < step <= 10: 4 Celsius Fahrenheit ——- ———- 10.000000 50.000000 14.000000 57.200000 18.000000 64.400000

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