Posted: April 30th, 2022

Moral questions | Social Science homework help

Give a 200-500 word response to the following prompt concerning ethical debates:

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What is an example of a seemingly moral or ethical debate in the public sphere which, by the standards laid out in How Not to Answer Moral Questions, is not being engaged correctly by the participants? Be clear about what standards it is not currently meeting. Why and what would be the correct way to approach this debate according to the text? You do not need to identify which position you agree with (that’s not the point), but focus on what is wrong with the debate and how it should be fixed. 

Required: 200-500 word minimum, proper grammar, spelling, and answering the questions/prompt as closely as you can. Points are taken off for obvious last-minute superficial commentary, not answering the specific questions posed, not following directions, too short length, as well as spelling and grammar issues. 

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