Posted: April 18th, 2022

Writing assignment scientific method | Biology homework help


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Writing assignment Scientific method

Below is the assignment on scientific method. Upload your response to BB. Do not email the responses. If you are not sure how to upload response on BB, click on this help link that can guide you on uploading document to BB. 

Kindly note that there are 4 separate questions asked, thus attempt 4 questions separately.


“Coral bleaching” occurs when coral polyps lose their symbiotic algae, the zooxanthellae. Without their zooxanthellae, the living tissues are nearly transparent, hence the name coral bleaching.  Many different kinds of factors can cause coral bleaching for example water that is too cold or too hot, too much or too little light, or the dilution of seawater by lots of fresh water can all cause coral bleaching. The biggest cause of bleaching however today is attributed to rising temperatures  A lot of research on the cause of bleaching has focused on water temperature. 

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However, a team of Australian researchers hypothesized that other factors might be important too. Specifically, they tested the hypothesis that high carbon dioxide levels, which make ocean waters more acidic, might also promote bleaching.

Your assignment:

1. Identify the Observation/Question. (3 points)

2. Hypothesis (provided). Just rewrite hypothesis in your response (2 points)

3. What experiment would you perform to test this hypothesis?  Explain in a paragraph. As you write the experiment, make sure to include the following:

            a)  Control and experimental groups  (10 points)

            b)  Independent and dependent variables (10 points)

4. Expected results in each group (5 points)

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