Posted: April 18th, 2022

Assignment | 3112 | Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges


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 You work as a communication specialist at Estee Lauder Companies. Think about the economic and social challenges we have experienced in the last few months. What adjustments should your organization make to be sustainable during these challenging times?  

In groups 5-7 students, write a 3-4 page (single-spaced) internal proposal to address these concerns. Decide on your target audience and orient your proposal towards them. Use a memo format. Remember to include headings such as the introduction, background, solution, and recommendation. Use subheadings if applicable. Be creative in your response. If your group prefers, you are welcomed to change the name of the company. 


I have 3 potential points we can use in the paper; it must be 5-7 pages long so might need some more points.

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So basically, for our organization the prompt says we need to address the changes and adjust to help deal with the changes due to these economic changes and stuff.

My first point was the problem of covid spread within the organization and to combat it I was thinking the organization can do regular covid tests and making vaccines mandatory (this is just for the assignment, not forcing vaccines on anybody).

My second point was investors possibly pulling away from the company due to the financial crisis and funds being pulled away due to lack of trust with our investors. A possible way to combat this problem is to try and build our trust with investors and let them feel safe putting their money into us by showing them we are a good organization to invest in.

Lastly, mass layoffs which also results in distrust amongst the employees. To combat this, we can again reach out to our investors and into our money reserves. investors must be shown that investing in us and retaining our employees will result in better returns for them. To combat this, we must mainly focus on employee retention. Employees and other companies will see our great employee retention which will lead to positive sales numbers.

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