Posted: April 5th, 2022

Nursing politics | Nursing homework help


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Many factors, players, and processes affect health care policy. Explore a current Nursing scholarly journal, National, or Local Newspaper to locate a current policy article of your choosing. Briefly review and analyze the article from the perspective of a COO of a large health care organization. The organization of your choosing could be a Not for Profit Hospital, For-Profit Hospital, Pharmaceutical Company, an Insurance company, an organizational leader (such as the American Nures Association), or other groups of interest to you. 

Consider some of the following variables: Stakeholders, target group, public attitude, resources, commitment, socioeconomic impact, cultural, and/or other identified conditions. Locate a peer-reviewed article written from the perspective of the actor or stakeholder role viewpoint for best results.  Summarize the article and defend your position.

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