Posted: April 4th, 2022

Nr514: epidemiology & population health

Based on the following question, I need you to help respond to the attached 4 peers’ posts in 150 words each.

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Question on Public Health Law and Legislation


  1. Visit the CDC Public Health Law News Archives, and choose one of the reports.
         In no more than 300 words, discuss:
    • Why did you choose your report?
    • Why is this particular report important to society and how it fits in the Dahlgren-Whitehead model?
    • Using what you have learned through your nursing education, what are your thoughts about how you might affect legislation around this issue at the local level or above?
  2. Visit: NCSL. (2021, April, 26). State Action on Coronavirus (COVID-19). National Conference of State Legislatures. Choose one state that passed a piece of legislation regarding health care and Covid-19.
    • Why did you choose this legislation?
    • What does the legislation provide for?

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