Posted: April 4th, 2022

Mis 600 week 7 assignments

MIS 600 Information Systems Capstone Keller

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Week 7

MIS 600 Week 7 Final Project Paper – Milestone 6

MIS 600 Week 7 Individual Discussion Final Project Document 

Welcome to Week 7! Here are the activities this week:

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1.      (10 points) Hold at least one iConnect meeting with your team and record it (this is part of your participation grade).

2.      (10 points) Ensure that you meet individual posting requirements in the graded discussion area (this is also part of your participation grade).

3.      (10 points) Fill out a Team Status Report by end of week and turn it in to the Dropbox. There is a status report template in the Dropbox. Be sure to show which team member is responsible for each of the course deliverables in the course and the due dates for each deliverable. Also, indicate when you plan to have your team meeting in Week 8.

4.      (50 points) Milestone Six—The project document you will prepare throughout the class should be prepared using APA guidelines. The paper should be double-spaced, using Arial or equivalent, 12-point font. One team member should submit the completed Milestone Project Paper to the Dropbox for the team each week. This week the Milestone Project Paper should contain all of the Milestone One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and the following Milestone Six items:

A.    Integration of Internal and External Systems

B.     System Administration, Security, Backup and Recovery

C.     Scope Administration and Change Control Procedure

5.      (200 Points) Final Project Plan—After you complete Milestone Six, go through the entire Milestone Project Plan as a team to ensure that you have made any changes suggested by your professor during previous weeks and that all of the Milestones fit together in one cohesive, professional document. Your sponsor should be able to pick up the document, read it from cover to cover, and understand the project well enough to make a funding decision. 

6.      (50 Points) The Final .mpp file, prepared in Microsoft Project, is also a deliverable for Week 7. Update your initial plan with any new steps you have discovered since it was created and add the resources you have described in Weeks 4 – 6.



The project will be based on normal information system development techniques. In this case, a systematic system development technique that resembles the waterfall system development technique will be employed. This will involve an initial investigation to enhance the… 

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