Posted: March 29th, 2022

tesla strategic analysis part b assignment **note: this is an

  Tesla Strategic Analysis Part B  Assignment

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**NOTE: This is an individual assignment, however if you would like to work in a group instead, that is an option available to you. Please contact the professor during week one to discuss further if interested. 

ASSIGNMENT: This interdisciplinary capstone core course focuses on how to create, identify and manage competitive advantage within an organization. Each student will be required to prepare a professional report that provides a detailed and thorough strategic analysis of a corporation chosen by the student. The term professional means that it is well written, well sourced and analytical. The report will be graded on its effective use of strategic management concepts and shall constitute thirty percent (30%) of a student’s final grade. The purpose of the assignment is to provide the student the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the process of strategy development and analysis, rather than complete a detailed task list for the assignment. The strategic plan analysis Part B should be no more than thirty (9) pages. 

Part B Outline

III. Internal Environment Analysis 

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a. The Organization’s Resources, Capabilities, Core Competencies, Distinctive Competencies (or Competitive Advantages: determine using the Four Criteria Test), and Supply and Distribution Chains should be addressed. 

b. Financials – Key business financial strength statistics (e.g. liquidity); identify any significant trends (5 year; include competitor figures where relevant). 

c. Note: The concepts of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats should be addressed somewhere in the paper, but not necessarily as a SWOT chart. 

IV. Strategic Analysis 

a. Identify and assess the current competitive strategy of the organization and the conditions that created that strategy (internal and/or external). 

b. Identify any changes in strategy that the organization has experienced (including any changes in the scope of operations, vertical or horizontal expansion, and approach to the global economy). 

V. Final Report Analysis

 a. Key Result Areas (select and describe 8 key items from the SWOT to be strategically addressed) 

b. Strategies 

c. Decision Criteria (evidence that supports the strategies, e.g. core competencies, pro forma) 

d. Balanced Scorecard 

e. Conclusions 

f. Recommendations 

VI. References  

I have attached part A of the work

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