Posted: March 29th, 2022

Term 4 unit 3 discussions (7)


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Unit 3 DB: Music as a Window to the World (MUS121 Rhythm, Blues & Hip Hop)

The Rock and Roll of the 1960s is often considered both a window and a mirror to culture and society of culture and society. Two of the most important bands of the 1960s were the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Consider their earlier music and answer the following: What was the Beatles’ view of the world as they saw it? What was the Rolling Stones’ view of the world as they saw it? Be sure to use musical examples, as well as information from the textbook and other outside sources to support your analysis. Use the mashup tool and include at least one song by the Beatles and one from the Rolling Stones.

In response to at least two of your peers, consider if you agree or disagree with their viewpoints. Offer an additional musical example (use the mashup tool!) to support your views and your agreement or disagreement. Remember, always explain why you believe what you believe to be true!

*Unit 3 Discussion (ACC211 Managerial Accounting)

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Companies often use leverage to augment profits.  Based on what you learned this week, please explain the following in detail:

  • With      regards to Operating Leverage, please explain why a company with HIGH      Operating Leverage faces greater financial risk in a declining sales      period compared to a company with LOW Operating Leverage.  (HINT: The      key here is the relation between fixed costs and variable costs.)
  • What      does a business’s Contribution Margin represent?  What does the      Contribution Margin have to do with Operating Leverage?

*Unit 3 DB: Bank Reconciliations (ACC215 Spreadsheet & General Ledger Software)

Why are bank reconciliations a good internal control and what kind of variances and issues can be identified from conducting them on a proper cadence?

*Chapter 14 discussion (BUS2123 Principles of Accounting II)

C1. Explain the types and payment patterns of notes.

C2. Explain and compute the present value of an amount to be paid at a future date. (Appendix 14A)

C3. Describe interest accrual when bond payment periods differ from accounting periods. (Appendix 14C)

C4. Describe the accounting for leases and pensions. (Appendix 14D)

*Unit 3 Discussion: Proactive Strategies in the Macroenvironment (MKT200 Principles of Marketing)


Volkswagen—the world’s 2nd largest automaker (Toyota is #1) with its VW, Audi, Bentley, Porsche, and Lamborghini brands—by itself plan to launch 50 EV models and achieve annual EV sales of three million units by 2025.

However, despite potential bumps in the road, Tesla continues its journey from upstart niche to full mass-market brand. It is further diversifying its vehicle portfolio with self-driving EV semi-trucks and the new Cyberstruck slated for 2021—one that promises to shatter more records for speed, acceleration, range, and coolness.

Simulated Business Scenario:

Since Tesla started selling automobiles, Zachary, Tesla’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) has guided the brand to go further and faster than any other vehicle startup in history. He has created the image that Tesla is to cars what Apple has long been to consumer electronics, with the same kind of innovative products and cult brand following. With an ever-changing business environment, Zachary is being asked to create a report detailing a strategy to remain agile and ahead of the competition.


  • How have technology, natural, and cultural      macro-environmental forces impacted Tesla?
  • What can Zachary recommend in his report to adapt      (a proactive approach) and hold off the competition with Tesla in the      electric car market?

*Unit 3.1 DB: Police Discretion (CRJ102 Introduction to Law Enforcement)

You are a new officer, just having cleared your probationary period, and you want to impress you supervisor with your aggressiveness. You spot a vehicle going 10 miles over the speed limit. It is 2 a.m. on a quiet street. You make a traffic stop and when you approach the vehicle after it stops; you realize you have pulled over your Operations Captain. What would you do and why? Explain your thought process and back-up your decision.

*Unit 3.2 DB: Single Car Accident (CRJ102 Introduction to Law Enforcement)

You are a police officer and just came upon a single-car accident at 3:00 AM in the morning, in a rural area with no houses, no witnesses, etc. The accident was caused because the operator (alone in the car) was drunk. As you approach him, he is conscious, uninjured and you realize he is an officer from your department. What are you going to do, and why?

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