Posted: March 29th, 2022

Marie stopes international in terms of quantitative and qualitative


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Marie Stopes International

In terms of quantitative and qualitative success factors, Marie Stopes International has provided over 25.4 women and their partners in 2016 (they hope to increase this to 40 million), which was an increase of 20% more than the 2015. And as such created over 3.6 million safe abortion and post-abortion care services. Actually, Marie Stopes International tends to be sole provider of these procedures. In the same year, around 80% of those utilizing the contraception provided by them were under a permanent or a long-acting method. Consequently, it has led to over £300 million direct costs savings, not to mention to over 4 million unsafe births averted. This is not to mention the 4.8 million unsafe abortions averted. All that with 7.6 million unintended pregnancies prevented and an additional 21,600 maternal deaths prevented against 

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