Posted: March 29th, 2022

In 1–2 paragraphs, provide a summary of your findings on the


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In 1–2 paragraphs, provide a summary of your findings on the importance of a political campaign, organization, or governmental agency that has an online social media presence. Use these 4 sources ensuring that there is at least 1 APA-style in-text citation for each source in the Research Review section. You will be summarizing, synthesizing, and analyzing these sources to provide a background for your analysis and suggestions. Be sure to include APA style in-text citations when summarizing, paraphrasing, or quoting sources. This section focuses more on why having an online presence is important for companies and organizations than on the entity you are analyzing in the following sections.


In 3–4 paragraphs, analyze your entity’s existing social media presence and current Web site, addressing each of these components: a) Provide an explanation of your entity’s target audience; b) discuss the entity’s purpose(s) for using social media; c) provide an overview of the various social media sites the entity currently uses; d) discuss how often this company posts updates on these sites; e) describe areas where the entity is effective in its approach to social media; and f) discuss the strengths of the entity’s Web site.


In 2–3 paragraphs, discuss specific identified areas in which your entity could improve, based on these suggestions: a) Suggest the addition of more platforms to attract its target audience, offering specific guidance on which platform(s) should be added and why; b) suggest how a specific platform be used differently, including why the use needs to change; c) suggest a different cadence of posts to the various platforms (for example, is the entity posting too rarely or too often; include a specific breakdown of how often posts should be made and why); d) offer suggestions for ways to gain more followers (be specific on which strategies are more effective for which platforms); and e) offer suggestions for how to improve the entity’s Web site, and address the benefits of making these improvements

Finally, conclude your report by informing your audience of how adopting and implementing your suggestions will benefit them in the long run, supporting these claims with outside sources.

References (SAMPLE)

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Wittkopf, B., & Shaw, M. E. (2003, Fall). Article title from the journal. Journal Name, 43(2), 18–22. doi: 10:109.0932.9385.09

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