Posted: March 29th, 2022

Graduate school admission essay | Education homework help

Hi, I need help to write a graduate school admission essay to secure admission into MS in Project Management program. Here is the statement of purpose for admission: ″Write a 500 – 1,000 word Statement of Purpose that identifies your educational goals and expectations from the program.″ You should be able to create a story based on my detailed professional resume. It should reflect where I am lacking in professional project management and then show how Ms in Project Management from Northeastern University would help bridge that gap. You should have the ability to add a personal and emotional touch to the essay in terms of my agriculture background. Especially, my experience is from Agriculture and Retail Management perspective. The essay should weave a story from doing internships in retails, daughter of Farmer, growing with nature, education in agriculture to every professional project management experiences. You should show how all these life events and professional experiences have contributed to my decision to apply for Ms in Project Management from Northeastern University. Also, the story should bring in how today’s agriculture, project management and technology go hand in hand using some of my agri-portal and apps creation projects mentioned in my resume and then connect the dots how this program will address that aspect. Moreover, the Northeastern program has project management courses in managing a COMPLEX projects, Troubled Projects, Global Project Management. All these should also be touched upon in story using relevant professional experience from my resume and then connect dots that how this program will help enhance my skills in solving the problems I encountered while managing troubled, global and complex projects during my professional career and why I need now formal education to address these skills and why northeastern is right program and university for that. I will provide you following documents to build essay. 1. I have articulated resume which will highlights in details my work experience, actual project (with proper names) I completed (3 pages of detailed information) 2. I have also collected the syllabus of program I am applying so that you will know at high level what they are teaching in program 3. I have written my random, illogical babbling. I will add that document as well but it′s not much. 

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