Posted: March 28th, 2022

Medsurg | Nursing homework help

Digital Concept Map for Carl Shapiro

At the end of this activity, a student will be able to:

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  1. Describe pathological events associated with the patient’s disease process or condition.
  2. Create a plan of care and prioritized nursing interventions based on patient care needs.
  3. Identify anticipated diagnostic and physical assessment findings related to the identified condition or disease process.


  1. Review the information contained in the patient information.
  2. Review the smart sense links associated with Nursing Care, Diagnostics, and Pharmacology found in the suggested reading area.
  3. Create the following “concept map”. List the pathophysiology associated with the patient’s disease process or condition, the anticipated physical assessment findings, vital signs, diagnostics, specific nursing interventions, and other patient information associated with the patient situation.
  4. Utilize the smart sense links throughout the VSIM to complete the worksheet.
  5. Submit your concept map for review.

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