Posted: March 24th, 2022

Power point 2 | Information Systems homework help

 Imagine you are the chief information officer (CIO) for your local health care organization. Your board of directors is very interested in the activities you manage on a daily basis. They have sent a list of questions they would like you to present on during an upcoming board meeting. In order to respond to this assignment, you will need to choose one of the filing methods and one of the storage methods discussed in this unit that you would like your imaginary health care organization to use. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that consists of at least seven slides that cover the following components:

  1. Title slide
  2. Description of the purposes and functions of the health information filing system you have chosen
  3. Description of the purposes and functions of the health information storage system you have chosen
  4. Explanation of medical record retention in your health care organization; how long records are held and why (one-two slides)
  5. Explanation of when it is acceptable to destroy a medical record and when it is not acceptable (one slide)
  6. Description of your organization’s disaster planning and two different events your department should plan for (from beginning to restoration) (two slides)
  7. Development of a conclusion slide outlining the mission of your department and what you are doing to ensure that health information is accurate and secure
  8. Reference slide with at least one outside source, not counting the textbook, in APA format

For guidance in creating your PowerPoint presentation, please view the  PowerPoint Basics tutorial .


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