Posted: March 24th, 2022

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BA 563 Research Submission Part 1

For this first research assignment, you are to choose a country and a product with a potential or actual; market in that country,and conduct a PESTEL analysis.

The purpose of this assignment is to get you to research and analyze a foreign country environment and to think about the challenges that may need to be overcome in developing a business strategy for that country.

This assignment will help prepare you to develop a business case study which will examine a specific issue that impacts a specific company in the country you choose.

The steps to complete this assignment are as follows:

(1) Choose a foreign country that will be the subject of your research project.  Make sure it’s a country for which you are able to utilize a variety of data sources for information.  You should also try to make it a place you are genuinely interested in knowing more about.(2) Review the material on PESTEL analysis posted on Blackboard.  You are also encouraged to look for other readings or examples on your own.(3) Identify a specific product (a physical good or a service) that you think may have a market in that country.(4) Apply the PESTEL model to your chosen country using the product you selected.  This is important!  PESTEL analysis is best done with a specific country/product combination in mind.

Your submission should start with a brief introduction to your country and product and a brief explanation of how/why you made the choice you made.  In less than one page, give me the basic geography, demographics, economic statistics, political system and historical context. 

You should then go through the PESTEL model elements one by one and provide at least four examples of specific features of your country that correspond to the examples in the main PESTEL model reading.  The factors you identify can be presented as bullet points.  You should include a summary statement of what the factors mean for your business objective.

For example:  For marketing Zyrtec allergy relief medication in in China, ECONOMIC factors include;

(GDP&GNP) Rapid increases in income growth in urban areas.(Inflation) Price inflation of 4% annually over the last five years.(Exchange Rates) Pressure from US to allow Chinese currency to reflect supply and demand in the global currency market.(Globalization) Chinese consumers are increasingly demanding foreign made goods.

These factors suggest that the market for Zrytec in China is likely to grow as Chinese consumers have more income and more ability to buy packaged pharmaceutical goods.  If the Chinese currency becomes stronger compared to the US dollar, US made products will also be less expensive for the Chinesethen they are today.

You should provide references and a citations list at the end of the document identifying the sources of your factual information.

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