Posted: March 24th, 2022

Need assistance with ethics discussion

 Alaister Norcross laid out a thought experiment where Fred, a fictitious person, was caught torturing puppies so that he could have the taste of chocolate; a taste he really enjoyed.  The analogy being that we, as meat eaters, do similar things.  We allow for the terrible lives of the animals we eat, and in some cases (see veal, foie gras, and many others) animals are directly force fed or imprisoned to enhance the taste of their body parts.  

Given that we do not need meat to survive, or even thrive are you a person that encourages, pays for, and participates in the death of animals for taste?   (Links Below)  If so, is this unethical?  Would the utilitarian find the causing of harm and death of animals simply to provide a taste you like, unethical?

Is this line of questioning making you upset?  If so, is it because of the socially relative norm of meat eating?

(There are many examples I can give but the Australian Government as one example, issues their dietary guidelines every year and they acknowledge a Vegan diet as healthy and supportive of human life and flourishing.  

Here is a summary of their findings:

 (Links to an external site.)However, always go to the original source – which is here: 

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