Posted: March 24th, 2022

Mcdonald’s is known for having a stronghold of their franchises and


Create an 2- to 3-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes that presents your strategies for global segmentation and positioning. Remember to make your presentation interesting for your audience by using charts, graphs, and photos where needed. Remember to include a cover slide and a reference slide. All speaker notes should contain citations where needed.

Address the following areas in your presentation:

  • Briefly describe the factors that have played a role in your company of choice being an industry market. Speak in terms of localization, centralization/decentralization, financial operations, financial management, and customer target market.
  • Describe the two-stage process typically followed during global market segmentation.

Hello. This assignment has more bullets. I am just responisbile for the 2 listed above.

1 day ago

Our Company is McDonalds in Japan. Let me add one more piece that we did last week.

1 day ago

Our team chose to look at McDonald’s Corporation as the company to study this week because they are a multinational company with franchises all over the world. Our team also wanted to look at how opening a franchise in Japan would look because of the many differences in cultures between the US and Japan. Japan is a country that is known for technology, fashion, electronics and of course Japanese food. As a company that would like to open the market or a franchise in Japan, it would be interesting to be able to find out what are some of the challenges that McDonald’s would have in the country.

McDonald’s is known for having a stronghold of their franchises and wanting everything to be as close to the same in all their stores in the US. But how would this correlate in Japan? It raises the question; would McDonald’s add some products from the Japanese culture that many of the people there are used to or would they stay with the products that have made them a worldwide name. The balance between leaning heavily on the McDonald’s brand but still wanting to be able to adapt to the culture and tastes of the people they serve would be a balance that we would like to delve into more in the upcoming assignments

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