Posted: March 24th, 2022

Cj 3200 mod 3 case study 1

 Attached you will find the guidelines for this case study. Please read them carefully and type your responses to the questions on a word document. You will then attach your document to this link to turn in the assignment. You will also find an article about Ted Bundy attached here which is what you should be reading as the case study and using to answer the questions. 

Case Study Assignments This course is going to be supplemented by videos of various criminals. You are going to be asked to complete short case study papers analyzing the subject of the video. These assignments may consist of short questions to answer or other times they may be short papers (2-3 pages) that will allow you to apply the theory we are learning in class to real life cases. You will have three of these assignments throughout the course and due dates for these case studies are in the course schedule. The three assignments, together, will be worth 175 points towards your grade although each individual assignment may be worth slightly different values. Specific guidelines will be given for each assignment prior to watching the video for each case so students are aware ahead of time what they need to complete.  

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