Posted: March 24th, 2022

Business ethics assignment 1 | English homework help



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this homework consists of three parts(PLEASE DON’T USE ANY EXTERNAL SOURCES ) use your own words and the attached files to help you.


please mentions the word part one and part two before each part.

part One: response 

What exactly is the nature of the economic system called capitalism? What are its underlying values, principles, and economic philosophy? What has it accomplished, and what are its prospects for the future? This chapter examines these and related questions.  Do you agree?  In your response, review the political, economic, and philosophical challenges to the capitalist economic model especially with regard to the role  of government.

Your response should be a minimum of 200 words. 

*** for part one you can only use the slides 

part Two: journal

Please read the Case Study #4.1, “Catastrophe in Bangladesh” on page 174 of your text. 

Are workers in overseas garment factories exploited?  What are the moral pros and cons of outsourcing garment manufacturing to countries where workers are paid so little?

your response (minimum 200 words) for the case study.

*** for part two you have the Two attached pictures {PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCES }

part Three: journal

Please read the Case Study #2.1, “Hacking into Harvard” on page 83 of your text.  Discuss several of the social and psychological factors that can effect moral decision making in this case.  In your response discern between ethical egoism and psychological egoism as well as between utilitarianism and Kantianism.

(minimum 200 words)

* for this part I have attached the case it’s only 1 page two sides.

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