Posted: March 23rd, 2022

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Reply 1The manufacturer of my product is a producer who has been in existence since 1932. The company majors in dairy products such as yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese, milk, and juice. A “service size” can be defined as a standard quantity of food such as an ounce or a cup. Serving sizes would be helpful when a person wishes to choose foods or compare items (Kliemann et al., 2018). However, serving size is not always recommended for the amount of food an individual needs to eat. My selected food here is strawberry yogurt. It has three serving sizes per package.

Percentage daily value appearing on the nutrition facts label is some guide to the existing nutrients in a single food serving (Galvao et al., 2021). For instance, should the label list 16% for calcium, one serving offers 16% of the calcium a person needs per day.  Daily values are always anchored on some 2,000-calorie diet for some healthy adults. An individual can still use the daily value as a guide even if their diet is lower or higher in calories. For example, it shows whether any food is either low or high in a particular nutrient.

Calories per serving food is41kj

Total fat is 4.8 g

Cholesterol is 4.5g

Sodium is 90mg

Carbohydrates are 18.6g.

I was slightly got surprised by the total amount of fats and calories in the food. I felt that the amounts were too high. Therefore, it was not right that I took this food almost daily. Furthermore, I realized that it did not include other things like vitamins completely. Therefore, just taking yogurt alone would mean that the person is not taking a balanced diet. Hence, I always needed to regulate the amount and frequency of yogurt I took. Furthermore, I need to try and squeeze time and prepare food for myself rather than relying on food on shelves most of the time. Such analysis is an eye-opener, and once a person makes it a practice, they would always strive to have a balanced diet all the time, which would lead to a healthier life.


Galvao, A. C., Nicoletto, C., Zanin, G., Vargas, P. F., & Sambo, P. (2021). Nutraceutical Content and Daily Value Contribution of Sweet Potato Accessions for the European Market. Horticulturae7(2), 23.

Kliemann, N., Kraemer, M. V., Scapin, T., Rodrigues, V. M., Fernandes, A. C., Bernardo, G. L., … & Proença, R. P. (2018). Serving size and nutrition labelling: Implications for nutrition information and nutrition claims on packaged foods. Nutrients10(7), 891.

Lamenese Jean-Nutrition.docx

Reply 2

Nutrition Tools: Standards & Guidelines

The food label chosen for this assignment is Lasagna manufactured by Ajinomoto tools of North America. Lasagna contains four servings per every container with the serving size being one cup that weighs approximately 227g. The percentage daily value mean shows that the lowest value is 5% or else and the highest value is 20% or more. The particulars of the percentage values show that the total fat in every 9g is 12% with saturated fat amounting to 23% and cholesterol amounting to 12% for every 35mg. the percentage daily value of sodium is 37% for every 850mg while total carbohydrates for every 34g amounts to 12% of total percentage daily value. The calories obtained from the food for every serving is usually 280. 320mg of calcium takes a total of 25% from the percentage daily value while 1.6mg of iron accounts for 8% of the percentage daily value. There is also 510mg of potassium accounting for 10% of the percentage daily value.

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