Posted: March 23rd, 2022

Proposal assignment (read the details below carefully) urgent need it

 1) Your assignment will be to identify a problem either at school or at work and to propose a specific solution to this problem. You will also include a graphic that adds meaningful information to your proposal.

2) Your goal in this assignment is to propose a solution to your problem in order to obtain permission to pursue that solution.  

3)  Identifying a Topic. For your topic, you will want to think about a problem that needs to be addressed at your school campus, within online learning at Dallas College, within your department or school of Dallas College, or at your workplace. Examples of topics you might consider include: ·

* The advising system for nursing · 

*Checking in/out of the gym· 

*Covid-19-related procedures at work or school· 

*Security on campus· 

*Food options on campus·

* Technology problems in the workplace· 

*Equipment/mechanical problems in the workplace·

* Hiring practices 

4) Creating Your “Company”

You will need to create a company name and logo that will appear on your proposal. The logo needs to be visually appealing and should represent your “company” and its purpose. Assume that your company’s mission is to identify and solve problems within educational settings or workplaces. You will also need to identify your job title. Your title can be fictional or you can use your actual workplace title if appropriate. Make sure you include me as a recipient of the proposal. You can create a title for me or identify me by my actual title (Professor of English) if appropriate. 

  Here is what each section of your proposal should cover:

* Heading – Include your company name, logo, and address in letterhead format. Also include the heading information just like you do in a memo. (See p. 308 for an example.)

* Purpose – The general purpose of your document is to request permission to pursue your specific solution to the problem you have identified. You will state this idea more specifically as it pertains to your problem and solution. Make sure you are clear, concise, and professional.

*Summary – Be very careful with this section. The summary section is a summary of the DOCUMENT, not the problem as a whole. If you have ever read or had to write abstracts of articles, that is what this summary section is like. It should probably be written last after you know what the rest of the document is actually doing.

*Introduction – This is where you discuss the background of the project and give a detailed introduction to the problem/situation (as mentioned above).

*Proposed Tasks – Explain what you want to do and how you plan to accomplish it. You will need approximately 3-5 tasks. These are tasks you plan to do to implement your solution. Please note, you will not actually be performing these tasks, so they do not have to be achievable at the present time. Think about how you would complete your solution if a reasonable amount of money, time, access, materials, and/or labor were within your reach. Make sure you follow the formatting for this section from the textbook.

*Schedule / Budget – These sections are not necessary, but would provide an appropriate place to include your graphic. (See information on including a graphic on the next page.) If you choose to include a Schedule section, you may make up appropriate dates of completion.

If you include a Budget section, you should consider anything in your project that will cost money, including materials and labor. Research the approximate costs of these expenditures. Don’t forget to include your own hourly fee for contract labor. Estimate an appropriate total number of hours you would expect the project to take and pay yourself a reasonable wage for the work you are proposing. (You might enjoy finding out how much you could potentially earn from your own project!)

*Experience – Write a brief bio for yourself that includes your qualifications for assuming responsibility for the project. This information can be fictional, but should be appropriate for your “job title” and the scope of the project.

*References – You will only need this section if you quote or use any information from a source.

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