Posted: March 23rd, 2022

“interview with an online instructor.” | EDDD 8110 – The Art of Online Teaching | Walden University

Review Video Interviews With Effective Online Instructors from this module’s Learning Resources. Consider the challenges you may face in meeting the learning needs of all of your online students.

Identify an online instructor, ideally one you have worked with or learned from previously, with whom you can communicate for this Assignment.

Complete the following three parts:

Part A: Generate five questions related to what you found to be the “muddiest” or most confusing points from the readings in the Learning Resources and/or the Effective Online Instructors video. What was unclear to you that you would like to understand better? Write down each “muddy point” of confusion in the form of an analytical question.
Part B: Pose the same five questions to the online instructor you identified to communicate with for this Assignment. Record their answers.
Note: You can conduct your interview via e-mail, phone, or in person (as long as you take thorough notes and carefully document your interviewee’s answers).
Part C: Write a 750-word magazine article in the form of a Q & A with the online instructor. In the introduction to the interview questions and answers, explain what you learned about each of your five questions. Did you agree with your interviewee’s answers? Why, or why not? Explain the key takeaways that will impact your professional practice.

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