Posted: March 23rd, 2022

Create a comic strip | Education homework help


Create a comic using a web 2.0 tool of your choice to teach your students how to be good digital citizens.  Some choices for tools to use for creating a comic or storytelling include  Make Beliefs Comix, Pixton, Comic Life , ToonDoo, Comic Master, or any other website/tool of your choice.

Pick an area of digital citizenship that pertains to the student population you will be teaching.  Areas that you may choose from include, but are not limited to: cyber bullying, netiquette, plagiarism, piracy, internet safety. Use a comic strip tool to teach your students about your topic.  Your comic must include a minimum of three characters.

You will be graded on:

  • Relevance: how relevant is the comic strip in increasing the understanding of the topic.
  • Presentation and design: how interesting is the design of the comic strip? It should have at least 4 panels.
  • Story-telling: does the comic strip have a clear start, middle and end? Is the message that the comic strip trying to tell clear? Multiple characters should be interacting.
  • Originality: how original is the story?

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