Posted: March 23rd, 2022

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Tic and Tims are industrialized materials used by businesses to manufacture products as a primary use. Tic and Tims are toxic industrial chemical/ material respectfully. These materials release gases, vapors, liquid, dust, and are also solid which can have irreparable damage to humans and the environment if improperly handled. The largest issue with these materials is that they are so readily available and are in massive quantities that get transported through large populations centers and could be stored near population centers.

Chemical weapon materials are designed with hate in discontent in mind. Their primary goal in the creation is to cause death and destruction. There are many types of chemicals from mustard(blister) agents, Nerve agents, blood agents, to weaponized diseases. The least concerning from this is that they are heavily protected on military bases to ensure it does not get into the wrong hands.

Tic and tims are more dangerous in my opinion as they can be used as a weapon of opportunity rather than deep planning and designing a weapon and dispensing system. Chlorine I believe is the most dangerous chemical as its oxygen displacement properties kill you instantly and the remanence burns soft tissue. But the most dangerous part of tics are the quantities they are shipped and the security of which they are stored.

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