Posted: February 21st, 2022

Animals in film | Article writing homework help

Animals in film, however, is a big topic. The way they are anthropomorphized, even when they are live-action “subjects” versus a live-action protagonist. The two films Free Willy vs Life of pi begs the question of what we expect out of animals and the way we ignore their true nature. Of course, training animals to behave in a way that “cajoles” the audience into believing that a killer whale would behave the way that the fictional whale behaves in the film is dependent on what has progressively been considered an inhumane (and dangerous) practice.  This all ties together, so I think if you combine your research with basic concepts of narrative structure and audience expectations of characters (even if they are non-speaking animals) could give you the focus that you need to fully develop an argument.  As indicated in my example above, it would likely make sense to focus on one or two films to prove your point, especially if you can get detailed information on how the animals were trained for the film.*Combine research with basic concepts of narrative structure and audience expectation of characteristics

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For instance in the “life of pi”

*Part of the aforementioned Hollywood Reporter investigation into Hollywood animal abuse focused on troubling incidents from the set of the Oscar-winning movie “Life of Pi.” The film’s co-star is a Bengal tiger and the real-life animal used in the movie was reportedly treated poorly on set — and his mistreatment was allegedly covered up by the American Humane Association. King, the real-life tiger used in the movie, nearly drowned during the shoot, according to people on set.

-A 12-page essay -times new roman  -scholarly review articles

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