Posted: February 11th, 2022

Discussion board- 665 | Applied Sciences homework help

Please answer each question separately. Each question must be 250-300 words each. Please be plagiarism free and also, make sure sources are cited APA.  

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1. In Chapter 9 (Moore) it discusses the role of the coach. As you are progressing towards holding a coaching session with a co-worker in week seven, discuss the co-worker you will be meeting with. What area of change is he or she seeking? What do you see may be some challenges from that coaching session?

2. Helping your co-work develop goals and establish a vision is one of your key roles as a coach. Reflecting on Chapter 9 (Moore) what method will you use to help your co-worker set goals or cast a vision towards behavioral change? How do you plan to begin your coaching session?

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