Posted: February 10th, 2022

Peer response 3 | GEN 103 Information Literacy | Ashford University


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  • Your responses to your classmates must be substantive. Share ideas, explore differences, and think critically about your classmates’ posts. Bring in information from your textbook, classroom resources or other credible sources that you find to contribute to the discussion. You are invited to share relevant audio, video, or images in your responses. You must cite and reference any sources you use, even in your responses to your classmates.


 My research question is: How will the evolution of computer technology shape the demanding needs of a working healthcare system?

I will be evaluating a non-scholarly article relevant to my research question using the CRAAP method: 

The Impact of Digital Technology on Healthcare can be found on (please see reference at the bottom of my discussion).

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The article’s primary purpose is to demonstrate the positive impact technology, specifically digital technology, has had on the deliverance of healthcare. The article lists seven items that have improved the way healthcare has changed for the better. A few of the items include the use of Electronic Health Records to replace the bulky files and storage rooms needed to store patient’s health information. Healthcare professionals are now using telemedicine/Telehealth to conduct virtual patient visits. Health Apps have become more prevalent in the past few years to enable patients to monitor their heart rates or to access their test results.

Currency – The article was first published on February 20, 2020 and has no known updates or revisions since. The article is relatively recent, being only a year and a few months old. As technology changes happen relatively quickly, the article needs to be current to be reliable.

Relevance: The article has good information on how digital technology has improved the deliverance of healthcare. The positive impact of digital technology include access to medical data, electronic health records, using telemedicine/telehealth, and the use of health apps, to name a few. This information is relevant to my research question as it helps answer, with concrete examples, the impact or shaping of our healthcare system.

Authority – The article was published on the website,, a reliable source for industry specialists to gain relevant knowledge that will enable them to implement best practices and results-driven leadership. Additionally, is supported by over 100 professional associations and conferences, and it is a valuable resource for healthcare management.

Accuracy: The article is accurate, composed of distinguished healthcare specialists who ensure the integrity of the information delivered. The items discussed in the article are fact-driven, with little or no biased views expressed.

Purpose: The purpose of the article is to demonstrate to healthcare specialists and others with similar interests the positive impact technology, specifically digital technology, has had on the deliverance of healthcare. The audience comprises healthcare professionals looking to implement best practices and stay informed on technology advancements in the healthcare industry.

The source’s overall strength is strong, and because the article discusses how technology impacts healthcare, it is very relevant and reliable to my research question. In addition, the theme is appropriate for research because it passes the CRAAP test.

Using the CRAAP test process has helped me understand how to evaluate an article’s reliability and credibility. The method also helped eliminate some of the other articles found, such as blogs or editorial pages.


The Impact of Digital Technology on Healthcare (Feb. 2020). Retrieved from:,retrieve%20patient%20data%20from%20anywhere (Links to an external site.).

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