Posted: February 8th, 2022

Research | Marketing homework help

3 companies are required but I had to choose one which is Zoom Video Communications in the category of Contact Center Infrastructure

This project is about understanding how each product/service can solve business problems. It’s not about providing a lot of technical specifications. Use critical thinking to ask yourself why a customer would want to buy each company’s products or services. Consider:

  • The problems the business customer wants to solve
  • The results the business customer wants to achieve
  • The costs involved

Use business examples for the customers who have used the products/services.

Make sure the information you provide is relevant to the category you choose. For example, if your company is Adobe and your category is Customer Data Platforms, information on the Creative Suite may not be relevant.

The template (linked below) contains the information you will need to gather and research, to fill in the template. Be sure to use the article by CRM Magazine as well as any of the materials on each company’s website.

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