Posted: February 8th, 2022

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Dementia is a very common disease that results in the loss of cognitive function in different domains which include memory which is more than expected in normal aging (Gazzaniga, Irvy, & Mangun, 2018). The second most common form of dementia is called vascular dementia and about 15% of people have this type. The cause of this disease is decreased oxygen in the neural tissue of the brain and cell death which results from hemorrhagic infarct which is an area of bleeding within the cerebral tissue. Another cause of this happening is rupture of small vessels in the brain due to diabetes (Gazzaniga, Irvy, & Mangun, 2018).

This specific type of dementia can affect different brain areas and can have different signs and symptoms such as confusion, delayed thinking, not walking steady and depression and even more but it varies with each person. But, with this type the main issue is the speed that the person thinks and problem-solving instead of memory (n.a., 2021). There are risk factors with any disease but the biggest one is age when it comes to dementia in general. But smoking, diabetes and obesity are a few of them which are the main ones in a lot of different diseases and illnesses.When caring for someone who has dementia it is important to always remain patient and still treat them the same. I personally have known someone with Alzheimer’s, and it truly changes them into someone different and it’s very sad to watch. It can happen at any age but more so in adults. It is important to plan for the future but also spend time with that person doing different activities.

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