Posted: February 8th, 2022

Psychology clinical practicum | Psychology homework help

I did on site practicum at the school PS20 on Thursday evenings 2 pm – 6pm. My start date was September 29th 2021. My role there was to supervise the children and assist in snack time, art, hockey, volley ball, dance, gardening etc. each time I went they had a different activity. Our evening would start with the supervisor meeting in the munch room , she would go over who’s being picked up early and the feedback the previous day and from some of the parents. She would then activate our walkie talkies. We would collect our rosters with the assigned class then proceed to collect the children from their teachers at the school park and take them to the lunch room where they would have snack and or color/draw. After we would then gather the children for our evening activity which would be one of the activities mentioned above. during this time of our activities children starts being picked up by there parents at the back entrance of the school. At minutes to six the children would get their belongings and we would head to the front of the school for them to be picked up.

For my research I would like to speak on transgender in children etc. 

The child that I would like to write about is Jimmy, Jimmy is a first grader who has his nails well polished, wore pink and white sneakers with a purple socks. One evening he had his hand on the fence where he rest his jacket and i made conversation with him saying nice nails, Jimmy replied saying he just got them done two days ago together with his feet.

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