Posted: February 8th, 2022

Policy evaluation proposal | Nursing homework help

 This assessment focuses on the evaluation of a public health policy, rather than policy development. In this project, you will consider how different groups are  affected by policies, including both intended and unintended consequences. Your will also conduct a simplified health equity impact assessment, making  connections between policy and health equity.  

 Here are the questions to ask: 

 Evaluation of Policy Content (Formative Evaluation): Does the content clearly articulate the goals of the policy, its implementation and the  underlying logic for why the policy will produce intended change? (Please note that evaluating the development of a policy helps to  understand the context, content, and implementation.) 

 Evaluation of Policy Implementation (Process Evaluation): Was the policy implemented as intended? (Please note: The implementation of  a policy is a critical component in understanding its effectiveness. Evaluation of policy implementation can provide important information  about the barriers to and facilitators of implementation and a comparison between different components or intensities of  implementation.) 

 Evaluation of Policy Impact (Outcome Evaluation): Did the policy produce the intended outcomes and impact? (For example, consider an  injury prevention policy. In this policy, the intended impact may be a reduction in injuries or severity of injuries. However, it is important  to evaluate short-term and intermediate outcomes as well.) 

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