Posted: February 8th, 2022

Medical ethics discussion – organ transplant


All discussion postings must be at least 300 words in length and written in paragraph format using APA 7th edition (including in-text citations and a reference list). Use the MEAL plan (Main idea, Evidence, Analysis, and Link (conclusion)) to structure your post. 

The topic of discussion:

Organ transplant procedures are used to replace missing organs or organs that may be in acute or total failure. The main issue with organ transplants arises when we think of whom we get these organs from, and who will receive the organs. In the medical world, we must choose who receives the organ over another person. This becomes highly difficult because we are theoretically saying that one person’s life is worth more than the next which is why they can get a new set of lungs but not their neighbor. 

  • Does a person in need of an organ transplant have a moral right to obtain that transplant, supposing the availability of the needed organ?
  • How should we choose who gets a transplant, supposing that there are not enough organs for all who need them?

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