Posted: February 8th, 2022

Leon’s team | Education homework help

Leon is five years old and slated to enter kindergarten in 5 months. He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and has moderate developmental delays. He has an IEP for DD (Developmentally Delayed), Language and Speech services. Leon’s speech is comparable to a two-year old, and he has difficulty with fine motor tasks. Leon gets frustrated easily, and throws tantrums when he is frustrated or doesn’t get something he wants. Leon currently receives speech and language therapy while he attends an ESE preschool program. He gets weekly OT (Occupational Therapy) through the ELKS program. His parents and teacher are very worried that he will not do well in kindergarten.

You are in charge of exceptional education services at your school. What are the first steps you would take in order to ensure that Leon receives the most appropriate and beneficial support possible as he begins kindergarten?

In your answer, be sure to include information about teaming, person-centered planning, and identifying goals and target behaviors. Include a rationale that supports your decisions in each part of your answer. Use the information from Leon’s case as needed to illustrate specific points (e.g., team members, steps within the person-centered planning process, goals and target behaviors).

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