Posted: February 6th, 2022

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Lizy Joseph 3 postsRe: Topic 10 DQ 1

The Capstone change project regarding different ways of CLABSI prevention has great importance in our hospital settings because of our diverse patient population. Some examples are trauma patients, medical and surgical patients who need long-term antibiotics, and cancer patients, pain management among sickle cell patients. All these patients will have central lines, and CLABSI prevention is a challenge for nurses, and our CLABSI rates have never become zero for the last few years.

 Therefore, the nursing conference I choose to present my project is the management meeting held once every month. During this meeting, the CNO and all the managers will be present, and it would be an excellent time to inform them about the evidence-based project of CLABSI prevention. And if they agree to implement the different nursing measures, I can guarantee full support from all those nursing managers, making the implementation process much more manageable.

The professional journal I am planning to present my change project is the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing (CJON). It is an official publication of the Oncology Nursing Society(ONS). I am a chemo-certified nurse, and I know how difficult for them to keep their line safe and free of infection. CJON provides practical information necessary to care for patients and their families across the cancer continuum and develop publication skills in oncology nurses. The mission of the CJON is to publish clinically relevant, evidence-based content for oncology nurses to use when caring for those affected by cancer. Articles must be clear, concise yet comprehensive, and well-referenced; they should provide practical information, implications for practice and identify patient education resources, if appropriate. CLABI prevention is a relevant subject for oncology patients because they are immunocompromised and are subjected to caught infection faster than regular patients.

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Oncology Nursing Society. CJON. (2021).

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One of the journals I would present my work is the Journal of the American Psychiatric Association. This is because my project deals with mental health, and the journal specialized in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of mental health, behavioral and emotional disorders. Using the journal to publish my research would offer a favorable thing to people searching for such solutions on anxiety disorders. Again, the journal provides a source for a similar challenge that attracts the audience-driven specific nature by a similar need. One healthcare conference I would use to disseminate my capstone project is American Psychiatric Association. This is the main organizational body of professionals who deal with emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues. Presenting to this body will provide a good chance for the project to get professional critics and overall scrutiny of its viability (American Psychiatric Association (n.d.).


American Psychiatric Association (n.d.). About. Retrieved at:

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