Posted: February 6th, 2022

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Integrative Project Guide

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The integrative project gives you an opportunity to increase understanding of yourself by integrating key aspects of this class: critical reflection and application of various ICC tools and theories. For this project, you have the choice to either focus on a target study abroad site OR to interview someone who is culturally different from you.  The goal is to ultimately help you leverage tools and concepts from the course to more positively communicate and interact across culture(s). This project is based on the dialectical approach to intercultural communication which asks us to think about oppositions in culture and ourselves. There are two major components:

First, you need to decide which option you will like to do your project on: 

Option 1: Study Abroad Target Site (Research, Critically Reflect, Write)

***Instructions here***

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Please review the above instructions for your chosen option. Once you’ve decided on which option you’d like to complete, you may begin the research/interview process and then start writing. 

For the working draft, you may submit the full paper or an in-depth and detailed outline. Your draft needs to include the sources you used. 

Final paper requirements: 

6-8 pages double spaced, 1-inch margins, times new roman, 12 font

Min. 3 citations from in-class readings

Min. 3 citations from outside research (option 1 only)

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