Posted: February 5th, 2022

Peer’s response! | Nursing homework help

Danay Sosa,  

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Consider a time when you had the opportunity to become politically involved in an issue (at work or in your community). If you pursued the opportunity, what were the results? If you did not, what were the reasons?

Many nurses avoid getting involved in political issues and, by institution policies, are banned from discussing conversations of this nature at work. Politics and religion are debate-provoking topics that several organizations would rather not hear about. I have been involved in political campaigns for senators and representatives in the State of Florida in the community. Local officials are key stakeholders for the improvement of the healthcare industry. Improving operations and having the necessary fund for the right programs can be highly beneficial to our localities.

As you reflect on this week’s learning activities and your role as a practicing scholar, discuss the area of your political competency that needs further development.

The DNP scholar needs to develop an adequate communication competency (Malloch, 2017). The right attitude, words, dress code, demeanor, and tone will project an advocate image that will lobby in the highest spheres of the government. Working on effective communication and expanding my comfort level in this area is a developing trait of my DNP scholar character.

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Review the Twitter feed, locate an interesting article or issue and share your thoughts on this issue with the class.

A Twitter regarding breastfeeding newborns caught my attention. I am a labor and delivery nurse, and breastfeeding is one of the essential topics discussed with mothers during their stays. Statistically, the exclusive breastfeeding cases have decreased over the years, and families tend to go by the myths instead of the science behind this beautiful natural resource (“The public health benefits of breastfeeding,” 2017). Formula feeding has become popular and convenient for working mothers who cannot stay home for the whole year recommended breastfeeding their newborns. Some of the benefits explained in the tweet are regarding the newborn health status. Babies that breasted get sick less are less prone to chronic diseases in the future and help the mom to recover quickly from her delivery (Ross-Cowdery et al., 2016).

Compose a 140-character Tweet that shares your thoughts and opinions about the Tweet. Be mindful Twitter only allows 140 characters (be concise). Share this Tweet in the discussion.

Do you want the best for your baby? Guess what the best nutrition for a newborn in the world is? Let me give you a hint, and it is not the formula. The best food for your baby is BREASTMILK. Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life has been associated with a lower risk of having asthma and allergies, fewer ear infections, diarrheas, or other trips to the doctor. If this was not enough, breastfed babies demonstrated to have higher IQ in the future, and they have a lower risk of suffering from obesity or diabetes. It is also suitable for the mother, has less chance of ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, and is easier to return to pre-pregnancy weight. 

Danay Sosa.


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