Posted: January 20th, 2022

You must select a theme and compile a resource collection of 10


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You must select a theme and compile a resource collection of 10 creative resources (2 visual arts, 2 songs, 2 books, 2 games and 2 websites) that are appropriate for young children and can be used in a lesson plan. You must write a detail description of each item in your resource file collection and describe how the resource can be used to extend the literacy experience and enhance children’s divergent thinking and self-expression. It is imperative that the resources are reflective of your theme selected. For this assignment, you are preparing an electronic document with a description and picture of each resource. For example, if you selected “Animals in Africa” as a theme, you might find a book about land animals in Africa and either scan the cover or go to and copy a picture of the cover of the book into your document.  

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