Posted: January 20th, 2022

Week 3 | Education homework help


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Instructional strategies can be considered the vehicle for delivering instruction to help students achieve learning goals. Every teacher in every classroom is responsible for promoting student learning, and in order to do this, a teacher must have an “instructional strategy tool belt” of sorts to match the most appropriate instructional strategy to teaching a lesson or concept. With classrooms being a dynamic environment that bring together students from different backgrounds with varying abilities and personalities, using creative and innovative teaching strategies is a must.

This assignment will help you build an instructional strategy tool belt that you can save, build on, and refer to as you begin your teaching career.

Create an 8- to 10-slide presentation about instructional strategies that describes and provides examples of the following types of instructional strategies:

  • Teacher-centered
  • Student-centered
  • Differentiation for diverse learners
  • Promoting critical thinking
  • Promoting student engagement
  • Incorporating reflection (student and teacher)

Recommend 2 to 4 computer-based or web-based tools to support the delivery of at least 2 types of instructional strategies included in your presentation.

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Your assignment will include: a slide presentation with a title and reference page with sources in APA format.

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