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Statististics | Statistics homework help


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In this project you are asked to conduct your own research into two variables that interest you. This project will give you an opportunity to apply the skills and techniques you learn in this class and to produce a professional report using appropriate technology. This is a MAJOR, on-going assignment and is worth 15% of your grade; the equivalent of one unit exam grade.

Your projects will be graded in stages (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) according to the attached rubrics.   

To be successful on your project you must:

· Read and follow instructions carefully.

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· Work according to the timeline provided and submit work on time.

o 10% will be deducted for each calendar day the project is submitted after the due date. A project is considered “submitted” when it is available for the professor to view on Canvas.  No credit is given after 5 days late. 

o Students who fail to submit earlier parts of the project may still submit later parts of the project as long as their topic has been approved by their instructor and as long as they collect their own data. Points will still be taken away for lack of completeness unless those prior sections are completed and included.

· Write clearly, using appropriate terminology and accurate mathematical notation. College-level writing is expected, as is the use of correct grammar.

o If you need help with writing, feel free to use the HCC Writing Center: For further information, see the HCC Web page under the heading “Writing Center” or call the Writing Center at (443) 518-4101. PGCC students at the Laurel College Center should see the PGCC Writing Center for assistance.

· Submit a neat, professional report typed using your choice of word processing software (including a mathematical notation package) and including printouts and diagrams from your choice of statistical software/technology.

o In particular, embedded graphs or charts and/or computer printouts will be expected as part of the report. Hand-drawn graphs are not acceptable.

o Please note: Excel should be used only with caution as it does not consistently follow accepted statistical practices.

· Original work is expected. This means that students who are repeating the course are expected to create an entirely new project using two new variables of interest.

o For example, you might watch a YouTube video on how to use StatCrunch or have a peer show you how to create a histogram using a different data set (not the one in your project), then try it yourself with your data set. You might consult your textbook or your instructor about a concept, but then put the explanation into your own words.

· Getting Help:

o For this project, you may consult any resource for general help and advice (including your instructor, tutors (LAC, HR230), classmates, or the internet) provided that your write-up (computations, explanations, and embedded diagrams) are your own work.

· Submission guidelines:

o You should submit your project via the Canvas link as a PDF or Word file.

o VeriCite will be used as a deterrent to plagiarism. This program is integrated into the Canvas submission process.  All submissions will be compared against the VeriCite database and receive an “originality” rating. 

o To earn the maximum score on this project, it is expected that students go “above and beyond” the minimum expectations of the project.


Project Part 1:  Research Proposal                                                      (10 points total)

Choose two quantitative variables that you think might be related, then write a short survey that you could give to at least 20 participants.  Your survey needs to gather data about each quantitative variable. 


You may believe that there is an association between the number of hours a week a student studies for their math class and their current GPA.

Survey Questions: 

1. How many hours a week do you study for your math class?

2. What is your current GPA?


Submit a 1- page research proposal using the following format and headings. The description in italics indicates the information required in each section.

Project Name:
MATH-138 Statistics Fall 2018


Introduce the variables you will be collecting data on and explain why you think there is a relationship between these variables.  Indicate which variable you think might cause a change in the other variable. Address why your research in important or interesting.


Discuss the population you intend to focus your questions on and what your data will consist of.  Answer the following questions in your response:  Who is the population of interest (from which you will select your participants in part II of the project)? For the example above relating hours studied and GPA, I might want to consider all college students or I might want to focus on just community college students when I look at the relationship.  What ethical issues do you anticipate with your research?  Address how any ethical issues identified will be addressed.  For example, I might consider that students might not be honest about their GPA unless they can answer the questions privately by writing their responses on paper and dropping it in a box.

Participants information must be confidential.

Quantitative variables (x,y)

X y 

Cups of coffee per day  hours of sleep


Hours of exercise per month weight loss in lbs. per month


Include your actual survey (with the survey questions you will ask).   

Submission Directions: Upon completion of the template, submit your project via the Canvas link as a PDF or Word file.

Academic and Government research must meet approval by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) to ensure that the research is ethical.  Since this is a class project (and not intended for research or publication), your proposal must be approved by your instructor before you can move on to Part 2 of this project (data collection and analysis).  

Grading Rubric:  Part 1 will be graded as a whole according to the rubric below with comments provided to students. Note that instructors may chose a midpoint value on the rubric if work is approaching but not at the next level. 


Project Part 1 Rubric


Project    Part 1 Rubric






This criterion is linked to a   Learning Outcome Research Proposal


10.0 pts

Research proposal is     well-organized and easy to understand. Each section is complete, addresses     all questions asked, and responses are correct and/or reasonable.

8.0 pts

Some responses include minor     errors or are difficult to understand. Proposal is sufficient to proceed     with research.

6.0 pts

Research proposal is poorly     organized and/or difficult to understand. Proposal is sufficient to proceed     with research pending possible minor revisions to survey questions. See     instructor comments.

4.0 pts

Research proposal is incomplete     or contained major errors. OR One identified variable is not quantitative.     Revision to survey questions is required to proceed. See your instructor     for approval to proceed.

2.0 pts

Research proposal is missing     major sections. OR Neither identified variable is quantitative. Revision to     topic and survey questions is required to proceed. See your instructor for     approval to proceed.

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