Posted: January 20th, 2022

Many pregnant women are not well-educated on the potentially dramatic


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Many pregnant women are not well-educated on the potentially dramatic and damaging effects of teratogens, and sometimes, even having access to the information is not enough to help us avoid harmful agents in our environment. A small area in Washington state has been experiencing a drastic increase in neural tube disorders. Using the attached article, as well as supporting evidence from our chapter reading, address the questions below in a thoughtfully written essay. ″Bizarre cluster of severe birth defects haunts health experts″ Washington Department of Health facts sheet on Anencephaly Describe the ″outbreak″ that seems to be occurring in 3 small counties in Washington state and provide an explanation of neural tube disorders, including a discussion specifically of anencephaly and spina bifida. Discuss teratogens and their potential impact on prenatal development. What factors influence the degree of impact of a teratogen? What possible explanations have been offered for the increase in neural tube disorders in and near Yakima? Imagine you are working as a healthcare provider. What advice would you offer pregnant women in the U.S. (or a woman trying to conceive a baby)? How might your advice change if you were working with women who live in the Yakima area?

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