Posted: January 12th, 2022

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Discussion Assignment UNIT 7
Great leaders attract a great following. Whether in business, politics, religion, or even in communities, leadership summons people to the challenge. In organizations, the leader-follower dynamic is evident in processes, policies, and programs. Positionally, leaders not only achieve the desired results; more so, they motivate those around them to perform better. Personally, leaders gain the trust, respect, and admiration of many.

Research leadership traits, behaviors, and skills from literature that contemporary leaders demonstrate. Then answer ONE of the following questions in-depth:

1. Identify three leadership traits, styles, behaviors, or skills that you believe are important for organizational success. Make sure to bolster your views with evidence from your research.

2. Historically, some experts have asserted that leaders are born, not made. 

What do you think, and why? 

Can people be taught how to lead? 

Use your research to defend your answer.

3. There are many different “styles” of leadership that have been offered by experts (transformational, democratic, autocratic, pacesetting, coaching, etc.). Investigate the different styles, and write about one style of leadership that currently interests you the most.


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