Posted: January 12th, 2022

Crj180 career path | Civil homework help

Reflect on one of the following options that have occurred during the term:

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  • Watch the featured career video in Strayer’s Criminal Justice Career Community on Facebook and review the comments posted there. Reflect on how the speaker opened your thinking about your career goals.
  • Review career spotlights/insights videos and describe how insights gained might impact your own career goals or plans.
  • Interview someone you know who works in juvenile justice and reflect on what you learned from that individual as it applies to your career goals.
  • Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.

reply to Karan Harding

 Hello everyone

     My career goals are to work with law enforcement on the missing and trafficking of children. That has been my goal before I started school and will be something I will continue to work at. I would like to gain some experience in Parole and or probation. After looking at the video with James Plank about his experiences with being a parole officer I was interested in working with parolees who are sex offenders to gain knowledge of why and how they do what they do. That could help me in the fight against predators. James Park explained the good and the bad with the job. I was able to get an understanding of some of the things that would be required of me.

A family member works with juveniles that are only females in a transition house. She has explained the ups and downs of working directly with juveniles. She mentioned that it’s hard not to allow your emotions to get involved when they are in group sessions. The stories and past of many of the young girls can be hard to hear. She can understand how they end up in trouble and wished they had more programs for girls. I don’t want to necessarily work directly with children as she does, I would rather work on their behalf by catching the predator or stopping big rings of trafficking. 

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I enjoyed the class and learned a lot! I struggled sometimes with finishing on time but I always seem to manage. I appreciate the feedback and encouraging words from you Professor Camero and I enjoyed the discussions with my classmates. I wish everyone the best on their journey and to be safe!

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