Posted: January 6th, 2022

Module 3: poverty and economic disparity

Write an in-depth response to each of the prompts numbered below. Number your response with the question. Each response needs to be at least four sentences in length. Refer to “Writing Rubric” (in the Getting Started Module and the syllabus) for content and grammar guidelines. If you research information outside of the textbook, document your reference after the cited information. Save your work in a Word (.doc or .docx) file, name the file with your first and last name, and the module number. For example, “Jane_smith_module3”. Then, upload your file into the dropbox folder.

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Read Chapter 3, “Poverty and Economic Disparity”, all of the Web sites provided on the Readings and Resource pages, and watch the videos posted in the Activities module. Now, write a detailed response to each question.

  1. What are the current guidelines for the TANF program? Identify the key requirements for who is eligible. Fully describe the the limits on it. Refer to the link provided under the Readings section entitled, “Policy Basics: An Introduction to TANF” to aide you in answering this question.
  2. Describe Supplemental Security Income.  Click on this link for the limits for SSI. SSI Limits . After reading the link information, list the monthly income limit and the resource limits for a single person and a couple to get SSI.  What benefits does the person receive with this program? How would it assist a person?
  3. Watch the Video entitled “How Do Food Stamps Work?” Go to the Resource section of the Activities module, click on the link provided to the SNAP webpage and review the information on the program. Describe the SNAP program including who is eligible. Research and identify the set income limits and the amount limits for a family.
  4. Go to the Resource section and click on the link for the interactive poverty map. Click on states in the South and in the New England area. What differences did you find?  Clearly cite statistics comparing each area. What reasons can account for this? From the textbook readings and outside research, summarize three key reasons why people are in poverty based on statistics and research findings. You need to cite all references in your writing.
  5. Watch the video entitled “Why is there still poverty in the US?”​. Go to the Readings section and click on the link provided entitled, “Basic Statistics-Talk Poverty”. Read through the listing on poverty facts. What key elements did you notice in the stories that connect to the textbook as to the causes of poverty? What are some environmental changes needed and individual changes needed? Cite some statistics stated in the video. 
  6. Watch the video “Reducing the Impact of Poverty”. Highlight the key points stated about the stresses of poverty and the impact on development of children in poverty. Identify the textbook information regarding the elements of the psychological factors from poverty on clients and connect that to the video information.
  7. Watch the video, “The Brain on Poverty”. Write a summary of the key points the presenter shared. How does the information connect to the textbook information?

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