Posted: December 14th, 2021

A product extension for a public company – 6 parts of paper and 2-3

 You are going to create a plan over a series of weeks where you’re going to look at developing a new product or do a product extension for a public company. Step one is to identify a company that you would like to learn more about and consider developing a product plan for them.  This plan will be written as a cumulative document where you will add a section each week and submit the final plan.  

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Each part: approximately 2-3 pages including in text and work citation. Use data and facts to support your idea.  Include images to describe the market landscape and opportunity. Use APA style.  Include Min 4 – 6 credible sources.  

Week 4 – Opportunities

Read where opportunities for business come from. Please read Peter Drucker’s article “The Discipline of Innovation”.( ) Write briefly regarding the company you are selecting and a possible product idea / extension for the company to consider.   Please describe why you think this new idea is a fit for this company and why you think it is an opportunity.  Please refer to Peter Drucker’s “The Discipline of Innovation” when discussing opportunities.  Post in assignments approximately 1 page.

Week 5 – Strategy

Write what kind of customers’ needs, will your product meet? Why is this product or idea an opportunity for these customers? Write one page and add it to your prior week’s document for opportunities and submit assignments.

Week 6 – Questions

Write what questions you think need to be answered to launch this product? You are looking for 10 to 15 questions addressing a broad range of business problems you would need to solve to implement this product plan.  (approximately one-two pages, added to your original pages for opportunities and strategy.)

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Week 7 – How do you find information?

Describe how you might search for information to answer the questions from the prior week. Please list your prior week’s questions, how you might conduct a search and the sources you may consider. Answer your questions and be really specific. Add data and facts to support your arguments. Please list sources in APA format using in text and work citaiton (at the end).

Week 8 – Systems

Looking at your company structure, list at least four departments and information/data systems they might use.   Be detailed and specific, for example, your company has an accounting system like QuickBooks in the accounting department.  This system may be linked to other departments as well and some departments may have multiple systems.  This should be approximately 1 page added to your other four sections. 

Week 9 – Conclusions

What have you learned by analyzing this product plan? How can MIS be used to resolve the decisions regarding the identified opportunity? Please write one page of conclusions that will be added to your total prior 5-week document.

 Writing a critique 

Please watch this:

 Separate weekly references 


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