Posted: December 12th, 2021

Create a action plan | Education homework help


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Chapter 4 Scenario: Eve’s Allergies

Objective and scenario

To create and evaluate an action plan that addresses Eve’s health issues.

Eve’s mother stops to chat with the program director on the way to her daughter’s preschool classroom. Eve, a 3-year-old, is eager to play with her friends, so she runs ahead while her mother is talking. When Eve arrives in the classroom, you greet her and perform a quick health check. You note that Eve has a runny nose and a few hives on her face and arms, but that her skin does not feel warm. Eve also coughed several times during the health check.
    You suspect that Eve’s symptoms may be associated with allergies. When Eve’s mother arrives to say good-bye to her daughter, you ask if she can step into the hallway and talk for a few minutes. You describe your observations and concerns and ask if Eve has been ill. Her mother informs you that Eve has food and respiratory allergies which have become more severe lately and that she will need to begin receiving daily nebulizer breathing treatments. Eve’s mother asks if you or any of the other teachers know how to administer nebulizer treatments, and if they are able to respond to an anaphylactic emergency if one should occur. You reply that the teachers have not yet been trained, but that the director has scheduled an in-service session for this Friday so that they can learn.

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Focus Assignment

1. Create your action plan by first listing three physical signs of an allergic response that you observed during the health check. In addition, explain the causes, signs, and emergency treatment of anaphylactic shock.
2. Be sure to read the REFLECTION section below to guide your thinking. Write your reflection response after you have completed your plan.

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