Posted: December 11th, 2021

Analyze the meaning and application of educational policy | ED 7002 | Academic Search, Inc.

I need tutoring with this question. There are many ways educational leaders can become informed about as well as contribute to the improvement of existing policy. Many school districts, particularly larger ones, maintain a policy review committee comprised of various staff and board of education members tasked with periodically eliminating, revising, and developing policy. To assist you as an educational leader in furthering your knowledge of policy, secure three separate school district policies involving: 1) teachers, 2) students, and 3) the community. Most school district policies can be found and downloaded from their respective websites. 

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For this assignment, revise each of these three policies to improve their clarity, organization, purpose, functionality, and applicability. Submit your three revised policies, along with each of your three originally located policies.            

Length: will vary based on length of policy
References: Three (3) existing school district policies

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