Posted: December 8th, 2021

7 pages due by 8 december 8 am toronto time


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Midterm paper and rubric

sorry to more articles that were missed. I have to send separately as they are big

i there here are some notes I took breaking down the assignment. And a rough outline i have including some notes/ideas to incorporate into the paper as well as the books and other articles you need for referencing in the paper. 

-Your location- how you came to be . Some of the core relations you have -feel joyful, happy etc

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– through the course of your life where has it taken you- a happy trend or not a happy trend.

-what happened or what caused it. For example a student said doesn’t know what happiness is about , just struggles.

So basically talking about yourself, putting your self in a ring with other writers-in terms of what they are saying

-what are the pieces of the text that connect/support in target with what you are saying.

-valuable in life-why-how did you get there

-who you connect with. How will you apply it to the client or social work.

-Ahmed a promise of happiness-use as a jump of point then bring in other course material.

Writing about self, parts sad but you see, talk about connections, power dynamics in the relationship you formed. Where you sit/fit in in this relationship.

Readings  that can be used. 



millions- use this as a form of moving forward-go into the ring with that writing to connect with it.

Talking about yourself, bring in your life exp from an early age, talk about change and what caused that change to occur.

Some chapters to look at are citizenship- thobani book maybe



-happy objects

For citizenship and culture we can add oppressed under own culture.

Some points to add(consider)

* social work based on reducing the life we have to bearable unbearable (from Happy queer chapter Ahmed book)

*My intersectionality, person of color and disabled

*Western perspective Individualism-experiences not so much about making family happy but make self happy whereas in East African culture emphasis was placed on chasing collective happiness. 

-I come from a guilt culture that relies on ‘guilt’ to rely the idea of conformity; a form of social control that impacts our relationship; navigate shame, navigate guilt. everything translates to guilt because there are so many unachievable standards and being happy is guilty pleasure.

My Values: Empathy, social justice, service to others (you can add something else if you want)

Some paragraphs that i had maybe you can use them

From childhood, we have all been conditioned to express the sense of happiness. These feelings are expressed by a grin, hug, kiss, or a simple thank you. Playtime is one of the most unforgettable aspects of childhood. This is the stage during which children develop their creativity, learn to solve issues, and form social ties with their classmates. They also learn to control their anger through play, the very thing that makes children happy. These qualities, when combined, play an important role in the development of happy children and, ultimately, well-rounded individuals. Gray (2014) 

Much of my childhood was spent having fun and doing childish things, but when these activities weren’t taking place, my parents were discreetly teaching me how to be self-sufficient. They began with minor things, such as assigning me chores and obligations, and then progressed to larger things, such as expecting me to get to school on time. A lack of restrictions gave me a lot of freedom, but it also raised the moral standards that my parents put on me. Overall, the independence afforded to me by my parents while I was still a child was a wonderful experience that taught me responsibility, motivation, and management skills.

Despite significant external hardship, the last two and a half years of my life have been the most consistently happy I have ever known. I find that I cope with problems more swiftly than in the past, and that I recover from disappointments more rapidly.

Here’s how I’d sum up the main point: Begin each day by asking yourself two questions: “What’s good in my life?” and “What’s bad in my life?” & “What should be done?” The first question directs our attention to the good. The second reminds us that we are responsible for our own lives and well-being.

There are times in everyone’s lives when they encounter something that profoundly changes them or the way they think. People are involved in these types of events that occur in your life, and they play a significant role in them. I’ve had several life situations that have caused me to change the way I do things and think, but there is one specific event that comes to mind that has absolutely affected me.

If I had been asked this question two years ago, I would have given a different response; but, since moving to a country where cultural identity and affinity with one’s culture are overt and conveyed in conversation on a regular basis, I have grown accustomed to daily self-reflection. Living here has made me more aware of who I am and where I came from than any other place I have lived. As a result, I am reminded on a daily basis that my culture differs from those in my community and family, but I am embraced by and embrace the individuals I encounter. Privilege, security, plenty, education, and sustenance all contribute to my cultural identity. I recognise the differences between my husband’s and mine upbringing and understand how family and culture may alter one’s perspective of the world. Based on my experiences, I have a positive outlook on life. In contrast, My spouse, on the other hand, has a negative outlook on life based on his experiences.

Cultural identity is fluid, and each interaction in life adds a new layer to an already diversified identity mosaic. As a result of my lived experiences, my cultural identity has evolved over the course of my life. I was born and raised in Africa  (talk about life there and privielges held…check the midterm paper for more information)

I’m conscious that happiness is an emotion, and like any other feeling, it only lasts for a short time. However, when it came to deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up, I knew I wanted to help people find pleasure. This may sound cliche, but I feel that when one is happy, everything else follows. Since I was a teenager, psychology has piqued my interest. The benefit of speaking to someone who is objective and there to listen with the only intention of ultimately helping someone find happiness and peace within is exactly what I hope to accomplish for the rest of my life. Time Cure, by Psychologist Philip Zambardo and Clinicians Richard and Rosemary Sword, was a book I once read. Where they demonstrated a step-by-step method that demonstrated how we may change the way we think about the past, present, and future in order to achieve greater success. (CAN WE USE THIS PARAGARPH TO TIE IN HOW WE WILL APPLY IT TO THE CLIENT OR SOCIAL WOR

-other points: being a person of color how does it affect me in terms of employment especially since I have a disability
-talk about having to endure so many procedures to make ourselves white. fair- as white is looked at with respect and privileged
– talk about kids as Canadians their experiences as “white kids as compared to myself.
-what did you give up so kids can have a good life…eg my mother tongue to make my husband happy and make sure that my kids mother tongw would be english and french so they could fit better in their fathers culture.

my kids are biracial White dad so privileged as they are white and have light hair in comparison to me who is dark skinned and curly hair.
Im happy that my kids will never have to struggle the way i did when i migrated to fit in this society, where I had to work hard to be happy and fit in they were born to this privielge and will never know struggles like I did

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