Posted: November 17th, 2021

How would you explain the concept of supply chain management to your


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  1. How would you explain the concept of supply chain management to your children? They are 8 and 10 years old. Provide an example they would understand.
  2. You are the supply chain manager at the Los Arms Hotel. During an accreditation review by the AAA, you are asked how you select suppliers and measure supplier performance. As you begin to take out your performance charts, the lead examiner tells you to put them away and speak from the heart. What to you say?
  3. Your company is applying for a state sponsored quality award, and the application requires a 200-word ethics statement from the supply chain management department. You are asked to submit one. What does it say?
  4. Your CFO reads an article in an airline magazine about the changes happening in global logistics. Upon her return to the office, she asks you for a brief report on the state of global logistics. What do you write?

Thoroughly answer each question. Be sure to include concepts that we have covered during the class. Creativity and examples help.

 please follow the instruction. It’s about the supply chain management. 

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