Posted: November 12th, 2021

mhc6306 week 5 lecture, discussion, and project instructions

Welcome to Week 5 of the course!
In Week 4, you learned about recruitment, selection, and retention in healthcare. The week also focused on the methods, metrics, and best practices related to recruitment, selection, and retention in healthcare.
This week, you will learn about the responsibilities of human resource management (HRM) with respect to employee development, compensation, benefits, succession planning, and competency reviews.
These topics are particularly important in retaining the workforce at any healthcare facility. The balance between incentive packages and the training programs offered helps in maintaining employee relations. You will also learn about the role of HRM in dealing with these challenges. In addition, you will learn how these challenges impact employees and healthcare organizations.
Let’s begin this week by learning about the development of employees in a healthcare organization.

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Your Learning Objectives for the Week:

  • Utilize critical thinking to prepare an employee retention plan by analyzing factors related to employee turnover and evaluating methods of minimizing it
  •  Critique the management of compensation and benefits packages

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