Posted: November 1st, 2021

C15v principles of management | Management homework help

C15V Principles of Management

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Question 1

The three essential managerial skills include:

technical, human, and empirical.

human, empirical, and conceptual.

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technical, interpersonal, and controlling.

technical, human, and conceptual.

Question 2

A(n)________ is the existence of a discrepancy between an existing and a desired state of affairs.





Question 3

the quantitative approach involves applications of:

statistics, information models, and computer simulations.

psychology testing, focus groups, and mathematics.

optimization models, interviews, and questionnaires.

surveys, strategic planning, and group problem solving

Question 4

Ethics training sessions can provide what benefit?

They clarify acceptable and unacceptable practices.

They create ego strength in employees.

They evaluate decisions and management practices in terms of the code of ethics.

They strengthen the employees’ locus of control.

Question 5

Planning is often called the primary management function because it:

offers some basis for future decision making.

creates the vision for the organizational members to work toward.

establishes the basis for all the other functions.

sets the tone for the organizational culture

Question 6

_________ teams tend to be more task-oriented especially if the team members have never personally met.





Question 7

A theory that suggests that employees compare their inputs and outcomes from a job to the ratio of input to outcomes of relevant others is known as:

action motivation.

goal setting.

reinforcement theory.

equity theory.

Question 8

how would a manager motivate low-skilled, minimum-wage employees?

Offer more pay for high levels of performance

Use employee recognition programs

Provide the opportunity for training

Provide the opportunity for full-time employment

Question 9

Managers can’t really know whether their work units are working properly until they’ve evaluated what activities have been done:

with those who remain.

and have compared actual performance to a desired standard.

and evaluate the performance of each of their employees.


Question 10

The prevalent thinking today is that:

organizations must make everyone fit a common corporate mold.

organizations should support, nurture, and utilize people’s differences in a way that respects employees’ unique perspectives and promotes a shared vision.

employees have a single identity.

All of the above.

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